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Writer's Block: Life imitating art

Which movie or book character are you most like, and why?

Scarlett O'Hara because of her last line, "I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day." I just adore her determination to get what she wants and that she grew as a person throughout the film and realized the difference between just the allusion of the perfect guy with Ashley that she thought she should want and Rhett Butler who was actually her perfect match. She changed while still remaining true to herself and kept her determination throughout everything.

Plus I used to live in that region of Georgia, so I have a more personal love of the film

Writer's Block: Going for the throat

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Vampire, I would love to be immortal and see the world change throughout the centuries, it would be awesome. One lifetime isn't enough to do everything but as a vampire you'd have time to see and try everything. It would be incredible.
If you could rule any country, which country would you choose, and why?

Russia. It's massive, powerful, full of resources and has such a rich history. As a history dork it makes me insanely happy and practically it has so much potential to become even more than it already is. Besides it's so huge that and covers an array of areas that it's really like ruling multiple countries under one central administration. 
What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?

I was born under the sign of the Earth Snake and yes, I do find it pretty fitting.

Although a good friend of mine from Shanghai, actually refers to the snake as the "baby dragon" which I think is just awesome. 


Writer's Block: Timeless tales

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

The first book series I fell in love with as a child were the "Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. I remember on Christmas when I was about 8 and I just finished the fourth out of the seven book and started crying because I realized it was half way over!

Writer's Block: Songs of the season

What is your all-time favorite album from any holiday, and why?

I don't have a favorite holiday album per say but I love holiday mixes especially ones with a few specific songs, mainly:

1.  Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band
2. Feliz Navidad
3. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

and just basically the other classics, but any holiday album needs those three!

Happy Holidays!

Writer's Block: My Journey

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

I would love to spend a year in India. I think it would be a completely different place than the US and would be quite an adventure.
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

My grandfather wrote me a tiny little note on a scrap of paper when he was in the hospital shortly before he died. It was the last thing he wrote and it was just a sweet little thank you for being there. That piece of paper I will save forever and is worth everything to me.

Writer's Block: Family Is…

What does family mean to you?

Family are the people who you love and trust. They'll be there for you and in return you'll be there for them.

Writer's Block: Family Is…

What does family mean to you?

Your family are the people who take care of and love you unconditionally. They always are honest and tell you the truth even when it's painful to hear solely because they want to help you and not fall into the traps  of life. Family isn't just determined by blood relations because  sometimes those people can be the most destructive for one's association but it can include  them. At least in my opinion family is who you choose and they are the people who will have your back through thick and thin.

Sadly from experience I realized you can't always count on biology.  If you just assume your family are those who you happen to be related to and continue to trust them even when they continually hurt you, then you're living in denial. Everyone needs family in the sense that you need people to keep your perspectives in order, but also to make you laugh, smile and feel loved. Those relations need to go both ways and those are the people who are your true family.